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Telly Award Winner
Category: Industrial Education
Project: Integrated Pest Management
Client: Campell’s Soup
Through the years Cinnabar video has produced over twenty programs for Campell’s soup ranging from intra-corporate communications and training to product and service promotions to the public.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) was a program targeted toward farmers who grow vegetables in Mexico and the US for Campell’s food production lines.  The film highlighted growing techniques and applications in the field that would assist farmers in reducing their need to use pesticides to combat insects, fungi and other pests.
HACCP (Hazardous Critical Control Point) was another film Cinnabar produced which was targeted to larger growers and processing plants in order to better assess and ameliorate problem areas within the total supply chain from the farmer’s gate to the consumer’s plate where physical, chemical and biological hazards might be prevalent.
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